Welcome to our Cherubs Page

The “CHERUBS” scheme is by far the most successful photography promotion we have ever been involved with.
We will photograph your baby at 3 stages over their first year, usually at 4, 8 and 12 months, and after the third session you will receive a beautiful folio containing a photo from each of the sessions, all this for just £25 through the Cherubs scheme.

After each session you will come back to view your photographs and choose one for your folio. At this stage if you wish to buy extra photos for yourself or family we will be delighted to supply them for you, however we promise that there is no pressure to do so.


At the 4 month session most of the photos will be taken with the baby in their nappy. If you have any traditional toweling nappies please bring one with you, as they look good in photos. If you have a baby girl you could bring a nice pair of pants to put over her nappy.
We can also take a couple of photos of the baby with mum and dad. These are normally head and shoulder shots.
Please don’t put a tight hat or socks on the baby, as these can leave marks on the wee ones skin that can be difficult to remove.


The second session will be done when your baby is able to sit up. Please bring in a couple of their favorite toys with you, to include in the photos. At this session we will be delighted to photograph your baby with any older brothers or sisters. The clothing for this session is whatever you like, however, if you are putting a bib and brace outfit on them, dungarees or a pinafore dress if it’s a girl, please make sure it fits really well or it will look terrible in the photos. Don’t go to the trouble and expense of buying shoes for this session, as the first thing we will do is ask you to take them off as their bare feet look much cuter.


The ideal time for this session is when your child is standing up (but hopefully not able to run away).
We will offer to take a selection of family portraits at this session, in addition to the photographs of your child on their own. Grandparents are also welcome to join in on this session. Clothing advice is the same as the previous sessions, however, if you have shoes that compliment the outfit your child is wearing, please feel free to bring them.